China Meteorological Administration


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    CMA activated level four emergency responses to address the cold wave process

    In order to provide refined services for addressing the cold wave, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) initiated level four emergency responses at 11:00 a.m. on October 15. Under this emergency state, It is required that relevant meteorological departments and provincial meteorological departments enter the emergency position immediately and put timely and precise forecast and refined services for the government, related sector and the public in place.

  • Center for Earth System Modeling and Prediction of CMA established

    On September 30, Center for Earth System Modeling and Prediction of China Administration (CMA) (hereafter referred to as CEMC is established in Beijing.Speaking at the establishment ceremony of the centre, Zhuang Guotai, Administrator of CMA, urges to step up research and development of earth system modeling

  • NMC predicts that a new round of cold air will affect centra(1).jpg
    NMC predicts that a new round of cold air will affect central-eastern China

    Affected by the strong cold air, from October 14 to 17, gale, temperature drop, rain and snow will affect central-eastern China. National Meteorological Centre predicts that in mid-October and the second half of October, most portions of China will witness temperature lower than that in normal years.

Upcoming Events

  • 27-30 September
    Seventeenth session of the Regional Association II (Asia) - Phase 2 (ONLINE)
  • 11-22, October
    Extraordinary session of the World Meteorological Congress(Cg-Ext 2021)-(ONLINE)
  • 25-29, October
    Seventy-fourth session of WMO Executive Council (EC-74) - (ONLINE)


  • Northeast Asia Forum on Meteorological Science and Technology held

    On September 28, Northeast Asia Forum on Meteorological Science and Technology was held in Shenyang, Liaoning province. The forum is held by China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Service, co-hosted by World Meteorological Centre-Beijing and Beijing Climate Centre.

  • Meteorological equipments and services displayed on China-ASEAN Expo

    On September 11, the 6th China meteorological equipment and services exhibition was displayed at the ongoing 18th China-ASEAN Expo. During the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the first phase core product of China-ASEAN Meteorological Development Index was officially released.

  • CMA releases the first set of images captured by FY-3E satellite

    On September 2, the images of Fengyun-3E meteorological satellite (hereafter referred to as FY-3E satellite) is released for the first time, which is about the sun from the perspective of the satellite.

  • FY-3E meteorological satellite activates in-orbit testing

    Recently, FY-3E meteorological satellite has activated in-orbit testing. According to the plan, the in-orbit testing is divided into three stages, which will last one year, in a bid to fully corroborate the index of satellite platform, payloads, and space-ground coordination. The test targeted at satellite, ground system, and application system will be carried out.